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From 15/11/2019 to Present: Enseignant Chercheur, Biodiversity and Plant Sciences

Research Interest

My research focus consists of deciphering the physiological bases of plant traits contributing to abiotic stresses adaptation (drought, temperature), resource use, and understanding the genetic basis of these traits. Using various tools, my research aims at identifying novel physiological traits with the potential to maximize crop yields, enhance crop resource use efficiency, ecosystem services or resilience to abiotic stresses for African agriculture. My approach combines experimental and theoretical tools that help identifying key biological processes that are relevant to yield improvement and study their responses to the environment. To this end, I use a variety of ‘real’ (field), ‘controlled conditions” (growth chambers), and ‘simulated’ (crop modeling) environments in order to test physiologically-informed hypotheses. Those hypotheses are examined on a variety of species and genotypes with the goals of developing screening methods (phenotyping) and informing breeding. I am particularly interested in enhancing the use of genetic resources and crop diversity in crop improvement by focusing on African orphan and underutilized crop species.

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Crop physiology, drought, Drought tolerance, Gene-by-environment-interaction, modeling, nutritional stress, Plant nutrition, Plant stress tolerance, Production plant, Stress response

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