Quality and quantity of leachate with different ages and operations in semi-arid climate

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Author list: Zegzouti, Yassine; Boutafda, Aziz; El Fels, Loubna; El Hadek, Miloud; Lebrihi, Ahmed; Bekkaoui, Faouzi; Hafidi, Mohamed


Publication year: 2019

Journal: Desalination and Water Treatment (1944-3994)

Volume number: 152

Start page: 174

End page: 184

Number of pages: 11

ISSN: 1944-3994

eISSN: 1944-3986

Languages: English (EN-GB)

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This study investigates the landfill leachate generated from three landfills with different ages and operations in a semi-arid climate and assesses major differences in qualitative and quantitative leachate characteristics compared with other landfills located in different areas with similar climatic conditions and economic situation. These sites are called, Marrakesh (new controlled and closed) and the Greater Agadir controlled landfills, respectively (MNL, MCL and GAL). The waste composition showed that the organic matter fraction was characterized by high water content and was generally the dominant fraction in Marrakesh and Agadir landfill sites with values of 68.4% and 70.23% by weight, respectively. The average values of the physicochemical parameters were recorded. The annual leachate volumes generated from the three landfill sites were determined by the water balance method. Beside the age of the landfill, the obtained results indicate that leachate quality and quantity were highly dependent on the composition of the municipal solid waste (MSW) arriving at these landfill sites, underlying conditions, types of leachate and leachate flow in MSW. It was also concluded that leachate is still generated in landfills located in a semi-arid area even with a low annual precipitation, due to the high moisture content of MSW.


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