Simulation of defects within converters-machines associations : Advantage of the modeling at the components level using CHDN model

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Output type: Conference proceedings article

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Author list: Saadi, Janah; Chami, Mouhcine; Zakari, Abdelouahed

Publication year: 2014

Languages: (FR-FR)

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Simulation is an essential tool for analysing and characterizing defects in complex systems. It allows an analysis of their severity and their distribution for testing strategies to detect serious defects as soon as possible and avoid so the total destruction of the equipment. It also helps to identify the degraded operating modes or even anticipate the occurrence of default and so react before the default occur by performing predictive maintenance. In this paper, we show the importance of modeling at component level which allows to calculate functioning equations as the corresponding configuration appear(contrary to Matlab) and so eliminates the prior calculation of of all equations with and without defect allowing to reduce drastically the computation time. We briefly recall the Component Dynamic Hybrid Network model and the simple way it takes into account the components defects and multiphysics modeling. The simulation tool SimRDH based on this model is presented. We then illustrate our discussion with an example of defects in an association Machine converter.


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