XAS investigation of silica aerogel supported cobalt rhenium catalysts for ammonia decomposition

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Author list: Karsten Kirste , Said Laassiri , Zhigang Hu , Dragos Stoian , Laura Torrente-Murciano , Justin Hargreaves and Karina Mathisen

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

Publication year: 2020

Journal: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (1463-9076)

Volume number: 22

Issue number: 34

ISSN: 1463-9076

eISSN: 1463-9084

Languages: English (EN-GB)

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The implementation of ammonia as a hydrogen vector relies on the development of active catalysts to release hydrogen on-demand at low temperatures. As an alternative to ruthenium-based catalysts, herein we report the high activity of silica aerogel supported cobalt rhenium catalysts. XANES/EXAFS studies undertaken under reaction conditions in the presence of the ammonia feed reveal that the cobalt and rhenium components of the catalyst which had been pre-reduced are initially re-oxidised prior to their subsequent reduction to metallic and bimetallic species which coincides with the onset of catalytic activity. A synergistic effect is apparent in which this re-reduction step occurs at considerably lower temperatures than the corresponding monometallic counterpart materials. The rate of hydrogen production via ammonia decomposition was determined to be 0.007 molH2 gcat-1 h-1 at 450 °C. The current study indicates that reduced Co species are crucial for the development of catalytic activity.


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