Development of in-House Industrial Fluosilicic Acid Certified Reference Material: Certification of H2SiF6 Mass Fraction

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Author list: Said Kounbach, Mokhtar Ben Embarek, Abdeljalil Chemaa, Rachid Boulif, Rachid Benhida and Redouane Beniazza

Publisher: MDPI

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Minerals (2075-163X)

Volume number: 11

Issue number: 1

ISSN: 2075-163X

eISSN: 2075-163X

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Fluosilicic acid is a by-product of the chemical phosphate industry, mainly during the
manufacture of phosphoric acid and triple super phosphate (TSP). To ensure the accurate measurement
of the H2SiF6 mass fraction in this by-product, method validation is required, which needs
a certified reference material (CRM) with its traceability to the International System of Units (SI).
This work describes the development of a certified reference material of fluosilicic acid, which is
commercially unavailable. Details of all steps, such as sample preparation, homogeneity and stability
studies, value assignment, establishment of metrological traceability, and uncertainty estimation
of the certified reference material, are fully described. The H2SiF6 mass fraction in the CRM was
quantified by two analytical methods, i.e., UV-VIS as a primary method of analysis and flame mode
atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) as a secondmethod. It is worth noting that the results obtained
from each method were in good agreement. The CRM certified value and corresponding expanded
uncertainty, obtained from the combined standard uncertainty multiplied by the coverage factor
(k = 2), for a confidence interval of 95%, was (91.5 +/- 11.7) The shelf life of the developed
CRM is determined to be 1 year, provided that storage conditions are ensured. The developed CRM
can be applied to validate analytical methods, improve the accuracy of measurement data as well as
to establish the meteorological traceability of analytical results.


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