Using calcined marls as non-common supplementary cementitious materials—a critical review

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Author list: Bahhou A., Taha Y., Khessaimi Y.E., Hakkou R., Tagnit-Hamou A., Benzaazoua M.

Publisher: MDPI

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Minerals (2075-163X)

Volume number: 11

Issue number: 5

ISSN: 2075-163X

eISSN: 2075-163X


Languages: English (EN-GB)

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This review summarizes the major research and scientific findings on the relevance of using calcined marl as supplementary cementitious material in developing eco-friendly cement for the next generation. Incorporation of calcined marl into cement can result in changes in the properties of these binders, and thus compatibility with other additions could be potential challenging, particularly at higher replacement ratios. From the reviewed literature, a detailed investigation on the characterization of calcined marls, activation methods, influencing parameters, along with studies on the hydration and microstructure was discussed, the overall objective aimed at coming up with the optimal physical and chemical parameters to generate highly reactive marl.


Activation methods, Calcined marls, Hydration, Supplementary cementitious material


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