Study, simulation and modulation of solar thermal domestic hot water production systems

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Author list: Mabrouki, Jamal; Fattah, Ghizlane; Al-Jadabi, Naif; Abrouki, Younes; Dhiba, Driss; Azrour, Mourade; Hajjaji, Souad El

Publisher: Springer Nature

Publication year: 2021


ISSN: 2363-6203

Languages: English (EN-GB)

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Solar energy is available almost universally, free to use, renewable and non-polluting. It is simple to capture it to produce heat. The study of energy-efficient construction is the only solution to provide a significant part of the hot water heating needs for many years and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The solar combi-system is a solar installation that provides both hot water and heating. In this work, we have evaluated the energy needs of such a system in the case of an F3 house on a site in Meknes-MOROCCO. The Regulatory Technical Document is used to determine the energy demand for heating and to check the compliance of the buildings with the thermal regulations. The demand for domestic hot water is evaluated using the analytical method. A thermal simulation of the domestic hot water production in TRNSYS 16 confirms the results obtained by the analytical method.


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