Optical absorption study of manganese-doped Na 2O-K 2O-P 2O 5 glasses

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Output type: Conference proceedings article

UM6P affiliated Publication?: Yes

Author list: M Jerroudi
L Bih
Q M Haddad
I Saadoune

Publication year: 2021

Title of series: IOP Conference Series

Number in series: 11

Volume number: 1160

Start page: 012008-1

End page: 012008-4

Languages: English (EN-GB)

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The mixed alkali phosphate glasses with the general formula 49.95[ xNa 2O-(1 -x)K 2O]- 0.1MnO 2-49.95P 2O 5 with x=0-1mol% were prepared and characterized using the optical absorption technique. The optical absorption spectrum of each glass exhibits a single band in the region around 200-400 nm. From the ultraviolet absorption edges, the optical parameters including optical band gap and the Urbach energy were evaluated. It is interesting to note that these optical parameters are composition-dependent. The optical band gap energy (E g) and the Urbach energy (ΔE) show the presence of a maximum and a minimum respectively around the intermediate composition x=0.5. The non-linearity behavior of the composition dependence of Eg and ΔE is a fingerprint of the mixed-alkali effect in the glasses under study.


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