Recent climate change shocks in the Sahel. A systematic review.

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Subtitle: climate change shocks

Author list: Terence Epule Epule, Driss Dhiba, Abdelghani Chehbouni

Edition name or number: Dr. Stuart Harris

Publication year: 2021

Title of series: Global Warming and Climate Change.


In Africa, the Sahel is increasingly susceptible to climate shocks such as droughts, sandstorms (winds), and floods. Through a systematic review this work tracks the frequency with which these shocks are reported in the literature during the period 1975-2020. This work examines trends to identify which shocks are most reported, documenting their spatial distribution and evaluating the impacts of climatic and non-climatic drivers. In general, 388 shocks were reported in 164 relevant peer review papers. Southern Niger recorded 15.97% of all the shocks while Ethiopia and Senegal recorded 11.85% and 10.85% respectively. Also, West African Sahel saw about 49.97% of all shocks followed by East African Sahel with 29.89% and Central African Sahel with 12.11%. Generally, droughts (n=219), appear to be the most frequently reported shocks followed by floods (n=123) and winds (n=46). The 1975-1985 decade recorded the most shocks (n=207), followed by the 1997-2007 decade which saw (n=80) shocks while between 1986-1996 a total of 52 shocks were recorded. 52% of the shocks are driven by climatic factors while 47% are driven by non-climatic drivers.


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