Benefits of phosphate solubilizing bacteria on belowground crop performance for improved crop acquisition of phosphorus

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Output type: Journal article review

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Author list: Adnane Bargaz, Wissa lElhaissoufi, Said Khourchi, Bouchra Benmrid, Zineb Rchiad


Publication year: 2021


Journal acronym: MICROBIOL RES

ISSN: 0944-5013

Languages: English (EN-GB)

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Although research on plant growth promoting bacteria began in the 1950s, basic and applied research on bacteria improving use of phosphorus (P) continues to be a priority among many agricultural research institutions. Ultimately, identifying agriculturally beneficial microbes, notably P solubilizing bacteria (PSB), that enhance the efficient use of P supports more sustainable cropping systems and the judicious use of mineral nutrients. In parallel, there is more attention on improving crop root P acquisition of existing soil P pools as well as by increasing the proportion of fertilizer P that is taken up by crops. Today, new lines of research are emerging to investigate the co-optimization of PSB-fertilizer-crop root processes for improved P efficiency and agricultural performance. In this review, we compile and summarize available findings on the beneficial effects of PSB on crop production with a focus on crop P acquisition via root system responses at the structural, functional and transcriptional levels. We discuss the current state of knowledge on the mechanisms of PSB-mediated P availability, both soil- and root-associated, as well as crop uptake via P solubilization, mineralization and mobilization, mainly through the production of organic acids and P-hydrolyzing enzymes, and effects on phytohormone signaling for crop root developement. The systematic changes caused by PSB on crop roots are discussed and contextualized within promising functional trait-based frameworks. We also detail agronomic profitability of P (mineral and organic) and PSB co-application, in amended soils and inoculated crops, establishing the connection between the influence of PSB on agroecosystem production and the impact of P fertilization on microbial diversityand crop functional traits for P acquisition.


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