Snow lapse rate changes in the atlas mountain in morocco based on MODIS time series during the period 2000–2016

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Author list: Marchane A., Boudhar A., Baba M.W., Hanich L., Chehbouni A.

Publisher: MDPI

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Remote Sensing (2072-4292)

Volume number: 13

Issue number: 17

ISSN: 2072-4292

eISSN: 2072-4292


Languages: English (EN-GB)

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The spatio-temporal distribution of snow cover metrics in a mountainous area is mainly related to the climatic conditions as well as to the prevailing morphological conditions. The present study aimed to investigate the altitudinal sensitivity of snow cover metrics using the MODIS Terra snow cover product (MOD10A1 v5). Annual snow metrics, including start of snow season (SOSS), end of snow season (EOSS), and snow cover duration (SCD) were extracted from snow-covered area (SCA) maps, which had been pre-processed using a cloud removal algorithm; the maps were of the Atlas Mountains, taken from the period of 2001–2016. In addition, a linear regression was applied to derive an annual altitudinal gradient for each snow metric in relation to various spatial scales in order to analyze the interdependency between snow and topography, and especially to assess the potential temporal trend of the snow gradient. Results indicated that elevation was the principal regulator of snow presence where snow was mostly accumulated above 2500 m. The annual altitudinal gradients for EOSS and SCD showed a marked negative trend beginning in 2007. However, the SOSS altitudinal gradient was marked by a positive trend. The mean SCD gradient for the entire Atlas Mountains decreased from 6 days/100 m to 3 days/100 m. This is a new and important finding since it may indicate the impact of climate change on the dynamics of snow metrics and provides guidance for water managers to better manage the snowmelt water with different terrain features. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.


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