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UM6P is a young private, research-oriented university with focus on excellence in applied research, education and entrepreneurship. The university is committed in the pursuit of sustainable, innovative and promising projects and partnerships with academic, institutional, and corporate partners in different scientific fields including humanities, business, economics, architecture, material science, chemistry, energy, agriculture, water, climate change, mining and engineering. UM6P also has an outstanding ecosystem of Living Labs for experimentation and scaling up as well as various acceleration and start up programs.

The UM6P Research Portal provides details on researchers and publications. There can also be other than UM6P affiliated publications at each person's profile page, the affiliation to UM6P is indicated on the publications.

There are three main ways of accessing information: Search on organization, person and publication on left navigation bar, do a direct search in the search box or browsing the information by selecting different filters.
Access to internal research portal is intended for UM6P staff only.

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